Arizona Distilling Releases a Grain to Bottle Whiskey



A few weeks ago, the guys behind Tempe’s award-winning Arizona Distilling Co. drove out to the middle of the desert to stand in the field of grain pictured above. And while the hip-high stalks of wheat might not look like much, that wheat eventually will become Arizona’s first grain-to-bottle whiskey made with white Sonoran wheat.

“What’s growing out there right now will end up in that barrel,” says distiller Matt Cummins excitedly.

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In February 2014, the distillery released its Desert Durum Whiskey, touted as “the state’s first grain-to-bottle whiskey.

But this time around, the distillers are taking it one step further, working directly with a farmer to plant the wheat crop, see it through harvest, and then turn it into something delicious. It’s the equivalent of a chef not only shopping at a farmers market, but partnering with a farmer to grow crops specifically for use at a restaurant. By securing 15 acres specifically for distilling grains, Arizona Distilling Co. continues to push the boundaries of the grain-to-bottle movement.

An additional benefit for the distillers is that they’ll have even more control over the quality of the final product — though they’re pretty optimistic that the unique flavor of the White Sonoran wheat will lend itself to making a great whiskey.

“It will probably be the most amazing whiskey you’ve ever tasted,” says distiller Jason Grossmiller half-jokingly.

White Sonoran wheat, which has become increasingly available to consumers in recent years, thanks in part to Hayden Flour Mills, is one of the oldest wheat varieties in America. It’s native to Arizona and the Southwest and is often used to make breads, cookies, and tortillas.

This crop, which was planted in January and will be harvested in late May, will produce only a small run of whiskey, Grossmiller says. And you’ll have to wait, of course, for it to age. Grossmiller says they’ll age this whiskey in small barrels, and may integrate it with another bourbon.

The good news is that the distillery plans on continuing to grow their own grains — or at least, on continuing to directly outsource the job to people who actually know what they’re doing on a farm. Within the next year, they hope to be producing all their spirits in this way.

And they have quite a few projects in the works, including moving the distillery to a new location that will include a more traditional tasting room and a food and beverage outlet. They’re also working on a vodka and a line of tequilas — stay tuned for more on that down the line.

Arizona Distilling Co. is based in Tempe and comes from Rodney Hu (also of Yucca Tap Room), Jon Eagan, Jason Grossmiller, and Matt Cummins. The company released its first spirit, Copper City Bourbon in 2013, and has since added Desert Dry Gin and several other small batch whiskeys to the portfolio. For more information check the Arizona Distilling Co. website.


This is pretty cool. Taking your own grains and turning them into your own whiskey is a pretty good way of doing business. That way they can keep it all in-house, lower their costs, and produce a better whiskey at what hopefully ends up being a lower price. I don’t want to pump their tires up too much here, but I am fully expecting a bottle of this stuff at the Whiskey on the House HQ when it’s all ready, and we’ll give it a proper Drunken Review. Do your job, Arizona Distilling.

Rand Paul: Stepping up the White House Booze Game

You know what the real sign of a good leader is? The love of booze. Our Founding Father? All alcoholics. The Boston Tea Party? Planned by drunk guys in a bar because of taxes on rum. This country has the strongest foundation of all – Alcohol. Rand Paul is not just the alcoholic leader this country wants, he’s the alcoholic leader this country needs. His campaign fund raising products speak for themselves:

$25 for a 6 pack of freedom loving beer koozies. “Drink up to a 6-pack of freedom with these collapsible can coolers. They store easily in a kitchen drawer or the center console of a car. Celebrate freedom with a crisp, refreshing drink of liberty…and a Rand can cooler.” And you can tell he loves road beers with when he assures you that it can fit in your cup holders…

$25 for beer stein. “Be hardy, better times are on their way. Rand Paul for President. This Beer Stein looks great and gives us a chance to raise a toast to freedom, liberty and Rand Paul!” And if you don’t want a freedom loving dog on your beer stein, kill yourself, but rand paul does have other beer stein designs, so before you pull the trigger buy one. Bitch.

If you love liberty and booze be sure to buy yourself some of this beer gear here:

Also, Hilary Clinton is a Socialist twat.

Everyone in Boston Needs To Go To The Slumbrew Beer Garden

No bullshit. If you live in the Boston area, you absolutely NEED to go to the Slumbrew Beer Garden at Assembly. It’s eden. It’s perfection. The place is littered with K-Mart furniture built for a pre-school, hippie artwork, and incredible beer. It’s the kind of place you can cut out of work at 2 PM and stay until night time. And on top of that, it’s in a heated tent that is going to come down as soon as it gets consistently hot out. If you’re a true American, you feel amazing spending money there. Because everything that is sold there is focused for small businesses. They fucking serve you peanut butter and fluffs, for Christ’s sake. FLUFFERNUTTERS! Where in the world can you get one of those besides you’re mother in law’s? And you don’t have to blow your brains out at this beer garden. THe only negative I could find with this place is their lack of baby carrots. I know, you’re probably thinking “Whiskey on the House, you’re usually so in tune with everyone, but you’re recommending an establishment without baby carrots?” Bear with us. Slumbrew’s beer and the general atmosphere will absolutely sway you. They have shit like trivia going on on Tuesdays, and board games for you to play hammered. BOARD GAMES. This will sound ridiculous for you non-Bostonians, but any bar that lets you do anything fun legally is a diamond in the rough around here. So go, bring some cards, play some drinking games, and say hi to us this weekend.


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Vermont Lawmakers Say They’ll Ban Booze If Pot Isn’t Legalized




Two Vermont lawmakers fed up with delays to legalize marijuana in the state introduced a headline-grabbing measure this week designed to move things along: one that would outlaw alcohol. Legislators Chris Pearson and Jean O’Sullivan admit they have no interest in reinstating Prohibition, but they want to make a larger point, reports Vermont Public Radio.

In their eyes, marijuana is safer than alcohol, so why ban that drug and leave the other untouched?

“The object was to basically embarrass leadership to say that we have [marijuana legalization bills] in front of us, and they’re going absolutely nowhere,” O’Sullivan tells the Huffington Post.

Their bill would make those found in possession of small amounts of alcohol subject to fines of up to $500, and anyone caught selling or distributing it faces 30 years in prison and $1 million in fines.

(A drug that’s been around a while shows promise as a substitute for medical marijuana, without the stoner side effects.)

Via USA Today

What an absolute ridiculous move from Vermont here. Basically the grown adult equivalent of when a little kid takes his ball home because no one on the kickball field likes him. There’s two things going on here. First, no one on earth believes that Vermont would ever even attempt to ban booze. Even for a fucked up hippie state like that, it could never happen. Second, I think the people that run for office in Vermont are actual homeless people. These are the people that ran for governor:



Unbelievable. Let’s start off with this guy:


The homeless, heroin-riddled version of Larry King. Follow that up with Duck Dynasty in the middle:


And you have the perfect bill for Duck and Larry for President 2016. But I don’t think either of these guys compare to this lady:


Who clearly has no idea where she is. Basically just strolled by the barn that they hold their governer debates in on her way home from the gala. And by gala I mean taking a shit load of acid in her back yard stable that has been converted into a hippie den. The exact look of a person who’s only words they can no mutter are “are you real?” Solid choice by Vermont.

Badass of The Week Award Goes To The Not Knocked Out Dude



This might be the dumbest thing I have seen in a long time, yet it is somehow also one of the most badass things. The kid who got up and walked it off might be the biggest badass on the internet at the moment, not only did he do it and walk it off, you saw side by side how bad it could have gone for him when his friend knocked himself out cold. That is the perfect recipe for defining what makes someone bad ass, doing something where they can get hurt and walking away from it like it was nothing and there is no argument that this dude isn’t fucking badass. I guess the Ukraine is starting to run out of drunk shit to do because I have never thought to myself that I wanted to slide down the side of a building onto steps for fun, I would much rather go into the ocean in the middle of January, make slap bets or play drunk knee hockey but thats me, we can’t all be willing to slide down the side of a building at the snap of a finger because someone told us to or the human race would be doomed.


“Out of every $100 American consumers spend, about $1 goes to alcohol. That hasn't changed much over the past 30 years.
 But where we spend our money on alcohol has changed quite a bit. We spend a bigger chunk of our booze money in bars and restaurants. We spend less money buying alcohol at the store to drink at home.
 That doesn't necessarily mean we go out more often. Adjusted for inflation, the price of alcohol we buy at the store has gone down. The price of alcohol at bars has gone way up.
 This isn't particularly surprising. Over time, you expect productivity gains and falling prices in manufactured goods. But a bartender today can't make drinks any faster than a bartender 30 years ago. In other words, there haven't been major productivity gains at bars. When a sector lags in productivity growth, it tends to have increasing prices. (This study has more on this idea.)”

The only interesting information that you can get from this lame article is that Americas Drinking has gone down significantly since the 80’s. We spend the same amount but drink much less? What the fuck is this country coming to? Step your game up assholes, WOTH back is hurting from carrying this team.

Dude Gets Busted For Giving Booze and Tattoos To Teenage Girls



NELSON TOWNSHIP, MI – A 32-year-old northern Kent County man is on probation after he gave alcohol to a pair of teen girls at his home, and then proceeded to give one of them a tattoo without a license, according to police.

Cody Wayne Townes pleaded guilty Monday, April 13 to contributing to the delinquency of children.

In exchange for the plea, the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office dismissed charges of furnishing alcohol to a minor and having a body art facility without a license.

Townes allegedly had two girls ages 18 and 16 at his home in the 14800 block of Pine Lake Avenue NE on Nov. 26, according to the Kent County Sheriff’s Department.

The divorced, unemployed man provided the teens with alcohol and then tattooed the 16-year-old in the unlicensed home northeast of Cedar Springs, according to court records.

The Michigan Department of Community Health states on its website that the requirement that tattoo providers be licensed is “aimed at decreasing the risk of transmission of blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV.”

Judge Sara Smolenski sentenced Townes to a 90-day jail sentence that will be suspended as long as he pays his $365 fine and does not get in any more trouble.

Via MLive

Whoa. This sixteen year old chick is fucking hard core. I remember thinking I was a badass for sneaking a beer when I was sixteen. One beer. Didn’t even drink all of it, I just wanted to feel like James Bond stealing it out of the garage. But holy snot. I don’t care how young you are, you have to realize that this guy is a fucking nut job.If he gets you booze, fine. But when he whips out a needle and asks you if you really want that dolphin tattoo you’ve been dreaming of for 3 weeks, you have to raise a couple red flags in your head. Let me just say what everyones thinking: this girl is 1000% going to be a prostitute by the time she’s 19. Don’t worry hun, it’s not your fault (it’s your fault).

New Booze Burning Planika Fireplace in the Middle of Your Living Room

Planika Intelligent Fire

Planika Intelligent Fire, has come out with some new crazy-scary fireplace technology. It’s new BEV technology allows you to have a fireplace anywhere in your home, no chimney required. The fireplace’s fuel source is ethanol, and its precise temperature control eliminates any smoke or gas emissions. It heats the ethanol to 72 degrees Celsius, not burning it but heating it enough to emit vapors, and then a separate heating source heats up to 1300 Celsius, burning up all the vapors – Creating an odorless, smokeless, gasless, and chimneyless fireplace.

While this technology may seem awesome, it’s scary and evil as shit. How is it moral to be burning ethanol when there are so many sober people around the world that would kill to drink that booze? And I believe this to be the start of the robot-earth takeover. They know what they’re doing – hitting us where it hurts, our booze. How the fuck are we going to fight back if all the booze are gone? We can’t.
When you’re getting your ass probed by robots in a couple years, just remember I told you so.

Massachusetts Man Busted For Trying to Buy Booze With a Fake Credit Card in New Jersey

Bayonne Police car

BAYONNE — A Massachusetts man has been charged with attempting to buy over $500 worth of alcohol using a fraudulent credit card at a Shoprite in Bayonne, according to police.

On Sunday at 8:17 p.m., an off-duty officer working on the security detail at the store at 583 Ave. C was notified about two men — later identified as Jeffrey Smith, 34, of Malden, Mass. and Joseph Basile Jr., 33, of the Bronx, N.Y. — who were buying over $500 worth of alcohol, Bayonne police Lt. Janine Foy said.

Store security told the officer that the two men were suspected of being involved in credit card fraud in previous visits to Shoprite, alleging that Basile and Smith had bought $3,729.51 worth of alcohol on March 23 and $3,960.57 worth of alcohol on March 26, Foy said.

Both of those purchases were made using what was later discovered to be fraudulent credit cards, she said, however neither Basile nor Smith have been charged in connection to either purchase at this time. 

When the two men noticed the officer approaching them in the store, Basile and Smith quickly left, at which point their descriptions were broadcast to Bayonne police patrol units, she said.

Smith was later apprehended at 27th Street and Avenue C, and Basile was apprehended on 26th Street just west of Avenue C, Foy said.

When officers searched Basile, they found a bag of marijuana on him, she said. Meanwhile, Smith was found with a fraudulent New York driver’s license and 10 credit cards matching the name on the driver’s license, Foy said.

She said the name on the driver’s license and the credit cards wasn’t “Jeffrey Smith,” but was someone else’s name.

A search of Basile’s record revealed that he had an outstanding warrant out of Somerville for $1,000, and another out of Linden for $320, Foy said. A police report about Basile’s arrest didn’t say what the warrants were for.

Because Basile hasn’t been determined to have fraudulent credit cards, he was only charged with possessing marijuana and obstructing a governmental function, Foy said. Smith, on the other hand, was charged with credit card theft, possessing a false government document and obstructing a governmental function.

Foy said additional charges against the two men are pending Shoprite formally signing complaints against them. 

Basile and Smith each had their bail set at $5,000 with a 10 percent option, and after being processed, were later taken to Central Judicial Processing in Jersey City.


Look out New Jersey! We’re coming in hot! We’re all on our horses coming up from Massachusetts to steal all your booze with our fake crayola-written licenses! Love that this guy went straight to NJ to try this one out. No better place in America to try out buying booze with a completely fake ID than New Jersey. Just an absolute shit hole. I’m SHOCKED that they were able to catch this guy. By all accounts he was a professional criminal. A jaded, street-tuned killer. Even though he was probably using some UMass Boston freshman’s student ID with the date scribbled out in colored pencil.