Drunken Whiskey Review: Mid-Best Distillery Wheat Whiskey



Mid-Best is a small, badass distillery in Missouri. I always have a soft spot for small distilleries because you know they love what they’re doing – Hell, if you look on their facebook page you can see videos of them blasting rock music while making spirits. And Mid-Best is a real craft distillery. They’re not faking their labels to pull off some marketing stunt (looking at you, Templeton). Unfortunately, unlike the beer world, real, small, craft distilleries doesn’t always equal great product – But Mid-Best knows what they’re doing and makes great spirits, especially with their kick ass wheat whiskey.

How to Drink it

This is a really versatile whiskey. It goes great neat, or on the rocks. Normally, I don’t like wheat whiskies in cocktails (due to the soft flavor of wheat) but Mid-Best Wheat Whiskey surprisingly has a good kick of flavor to it that would go great is any cocktail, especially an old fashioned. And after performing the elaborate shot-test (taking two shots) I give shots of this stuff a thumbs up.


For a wheat whiskey- this stuff has a lot of flavor. The first sip is a mild sweet/spiciness which quickly turns into a bite. You can really taste the alcohol in this stuff, but its well balanced and nice. And at 50% alcohol how can you complain! Seriously though, this stuff is half booze and you would probably never be able to tell because it’s so smooth. So when you’re drinking this whiskey, make sure you’re on the buddy system. Stranger danger like you read about.


Mid-Best whiskey has more flavor than most wheat whiskies. It has a bit of a bite to it, and if you’re new to whiskey and can’t handle the harshness, stick to your Canadian whisky. For everyone else, if you can find a bottle of this stuff, you should definitely give it a try!


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Big-Rig With 44,000 Pounds of Miller High Life Stolen


Tuesday while telling Channel 9 about the thieves who drove off with his semi full of beer from an Orange County truck stop.

The victim’s truck and at least one other were swiped Monday from a truck stop on South Orange Blossom Trail.

Van Thomas was trying to live the American dream. After years as a trucker, he bought a semi three weeks ago and started a company of his own.

Thomas was traveling from Texas to Pompano Beach and was on his last stop before a delivery in Orlando when his entire truck and alcohol cargo was stolen.

“I don’t mean to cry about it but I’m just trying to do the best I can and make a better life,” Thomas told WFTV.

Inside the truck was 44,000 pounds of Miller High Life, which comes out to about 9,700 four-packs.

“It’s just so devastating to me,” said Thomas.

It’s not the first time a semi has been stolen in Florida. About 180,000 eggs were stolen earlier this year in Fort Myers. A truck with Hershey chocolate was also stolen in December in Volusia County, and a truck with Slimfast was swiped near downtown Orlando.

Just when Thomas thought he lost everything, he received a phone call telling him the truck and most of the cargo had been located.

“Oh, my God. That’s beautiful,” he said.

The call came in from detectives that the truck had been found in Miami.

There’s no word on whether the robbers knew “The Champagne of Beers” was inside at the time of the theft. Detectives are still trying to figure out who stole the two trucks and if they are part of a bigger ring.

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The most ridiculous part of this story isn’t that someone wanted 44,000 pounds of the worst beer ever. The crazy part of this story is Van Thomas. This guy was born to be the best goddamn trucker there ever was. Doesn’t matter if he’s carrying eggs, teddy bears, or beer. If his shit gets stolen, he takes it personally. What a guy. This company better reward him with 44,000 pounds of an actual good beer. Imagine how dedicated to something you have to be to cry over Miller High Life? You’d either have to drink like 3 of them in a night, or dedicate your life to delivering them. Van Thomas. MVP.


Pro Golfers Creating Their Own Beer Line



Well this beer better only come in 30-racks, because that’s pretty much exactly how much beer you’d need to enjoy 18 holes of golf on a regular basis. It also better be pretty high octane. I’m not a golf guy, but I can get behind any activity that encourages drinking, so I’m all for this. But what are the odds that this beer ends up being like 50 bucks a can and comes with a dress code on the label? Like 4-1? If they want to sell to the serious golfers/drinkers, it better be cheap, or else the competition will simply run them out .

We Really Are Living In The Golden Age of Innovation





You can take all your hoverboards, iPhones, iPads, and electric cars, and shove them directly up your ass. This is the greatest achievement mankind has accomplished. Sorry Tesla and Edison, you guys must be rolling in your graves looking at this shit. But hey, thanks for checking out the site.

Speaking of, I think electricity is the most overrated invention ever. Fucking light? Who didn’t look around in the dark and think “I wish I could fucking see.” Common sense.

Is This The Best Beer Tap Ever?




Fucking love this. A lot of bars can make their bartenders wear suspenders, grow out moustaches, and say really douchey things about whiskey in order to give off a vibe of a “whiskey joint” but this place (wherever or whatever it is) says fuck that noise. This is how you do it. Let your beer taps speak for themselves. And boy have they spoken: every other bar on the face of the earth is a huge pussy.

So There’s a Brewery That’s Putting Cereal In Their Beer

SONY DSCIn Fort Collins, Colo., Black Bottle Brewery employees went into two stores and bought their entire inventory of Count Chocula cereal. The brewery says the cereal will go into a series of beers.

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Good morning. I’m Steve Inskeep. We’re preparing for reporting in Colorado, so naturally we’re tracking news from Fort Collins. That’s where the Black Bottle Brewery made a mysterious purchase. Employees went into two stores and bought their entire inventory of Count Chocula Cereal. At least one customer complained of the sudden shortage. The brewery says this cereal will go into a series of beers that have already been made with Golden Grahams and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.


This was transcribed from some weirdo morning show or something like that. Fucking what? That might be the grossest thing I could think of putting in my beer. Count fucking chocula? Even when I was a kid I looked at that and said “yeah no thanks.” And now that I’m a drinking fully grown person I’m supposed to want to drink it with my beer? Maybe that’s what this cereal company wanted all along? They don’t actually want you to eat it with milk but with booze? If that’s the case maybe I’m all about it. I don’t know. I think I just wrapped myself into a pretzel. I think I need this shit now?

Two Dudes in Texas Shoot Up a Party After Losing in Beer Pong

bpSOURCE – After getting vanquished in a beer pong match, a group of sore losers opened fire early yesterday at a Texas house party, wounding a female reveler, police report. According to the Liberty County Sherriff’s Office, investigators are searching for two men who allegedly shot up the party after losing at the beer pong table. Deputies identified the suspects as Decoris “Red” Rucker, 24, and Chris “Crazy Chris” Hackett. Rucker and Hackett were among a group of five men who became upset after losing a backyard beer pong game. The men, witnesses said, ran from the home while firing wildly at partygoers. An 18-year-old woman was shot in the thigh during the gunfire.


With the names of “Red” and “Crazy Chris” I’m assuming this isn’t the first time guns have been the answer upon losing at something. The way I see it, they probably lost to the poor 18 year old chick who must have kicked their asses pretty good. These guys had to be the biggest asshole sore losers on the face of the Earth, right? We’ve all played beirut/beer pong with these kinds of guys. Doesn’t matter how nice they are off the court, they just turn into the biggest d-bags in the heat of the game. Calling elbows, bouncing the ball, and ruining friendships over trivial rules because they fundamentally don’t understand the fact that beer pong is fun because everyone plays with different rules. Now, I’m also assuming these guys weren’t playing with home court advantage. Because if a house rule is Crazy Chris and Red Robin or whatever get to shoot you if they lose, the police can’t do anything. Beer pong house rules overrule almost everything. Now excuse me while I go revise my own house rules.

Laphroaig Launches Ad Campaign That Focuses on How “Awful” It Tastes

laphroaig whiskeyOne Scotch whiskey distillery is advertising its product by telling everyone how awful it tastes. 

In a campaign that seems to break all the rules of advertising, Laphroaig is slapping terrible descriptions on its single-malt scotch. It tastes like dead fish, iodine, a campfire and dirt. It smells like medicine. 

“A symphony of smoke,” reads one of Laphroaig’s ads. “Tastes like a burning hospital. Earth never tasted so good.” Those aren’t just idle words, either — the ads are based on actual quotes from Laphroaig drinkers. 

Laphroaig (pronounced “La-froyg”) is turning the traditional ad campaign on its head to target a special group of scotch fans: The ones who enjoy the earthy smokiness of a classic peated whiskey, or “whisky” as it is spelled in Scotland, from the island of Islay. The flavor develops in the whiskey-making process as damp barley is dried over the biting smoke of a peat fire. 

The tastes and aroma are nearly indescribable, but scotch drinkers try anyway. Slate likens it to clove, banana, butterscotch, burning tires, Sharpies, Band-Aids and synthetic insulin. And instead of shying away from the negatives, Laphroaig is embracing them. 

“Laphroaig has long been a brand that elicited diverse and strong opinions from those who taste it,” said John Campbell, the master distiller for the company. 

The brand has even launched a website that asks people to submit their own opinions of the drink. The “opinion wall” appears to be a hit, with a large volume of mostly favorable views. “It’s like meeting an old friend,” wrote one customer. “Like licking a newly tarred West Coast pier,” wrote another.

The unusual ad push also appears to be lifting Laphroaig’s sales. The distiller has seen a 17 percent sales spike for the first half of the year, MarketWatch reports. That’s much stronger growth than the 9.6 percent sales increase seen for the scotch category overall in 2013.


Wanna know the first thing I did when I read this article? I went out and bought a bottle of Laphroaig. Consider me a marketing monkey. This is fucking awesome. They basically took the idea of the comment box and made it work for a  successful ad campaign. This is why whiskey drinkers and distilleries are the best. We all know that in other people’s language, whiskey tastes like dog shit. Or a burning hospital. Or flaming dirt. But all those things to a whiskey drinker (besides the dog shit) sounds delicious. If the flavor is harsh, that can almost always be a good thing.

Now I want to see Apple or someone do this shit. Just start advertising the iPhone 6 as “the bendiest shit you’ve ever seen.” Or “Starbucks drinkers only,” or “lasts a whole 35 minutes on a full charge.” If anyone should do that it’s Apple because they have enough money to buy Obama if they wanted to. But here we are with whiskey companies setting the tone once again.

WATCH OUT EVERYBODY: Hardo Dad Coming in Hot



Be right back, son, going to pick up some whiskey, see you in about 15 minutes! Ooooh dad, you sly devil. Say you’re going to the store and come back with half the fucking inventory of Ardbeg on your trailer. If this was your dad you immediately have a free pass to get shit faced all the time, right? Like if you ever get yelled at just fucking find the sobriety to lift up your arm and point to the driveway. Suck it dad, you bought like 30 BARRELS OF WHISKEY.

Science Says We Should Drink More Booze and Less Coffee

MONDAY, Oct. 20, 2014 (HealthDay News) — A man’s love of coffee could hamper the success of a couple’s infertility treatment, a small new study suggests.

But mild alcohol use by would-be fathers might help boost the odds of pregnancy through in vitro fertilization, the findings indicate.

The Boston researchers aren’t ready to encourage men enrolled in IVF to cut coffee consumption and have an extra beer with dinner. Still, these preliminary results were “definitely surprising,” said study co-author Dr. Jorge Chavarro, an assistant professor of nutrition and epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health in Boston.

“We’d like to follow up and see if it replicates in other populations, such as other couples who are trying to conceive naturally,” he said.

The research is to be presented Monday at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine annual meeting in Honolulu.

Previous research into male fertility hasn’t found connections between alcohol or caffeine and scientific measurements of semen quality. But Chavarro said those measurements might not reflect other aspects of male fertility that are crucial to a man’s ability to impregnate a woman, he said.

Enter the new study, which looks beyond measurements of sperm quality to evaluate the effect of male beverage consumption on IVF birth rates.

The researchers focused on 105 men, average age 37, involved in 214 IVF treatments between 2007 and 2013. All answered questions about their diet before undergoing treatment.

Overall, more than half of the couples achieved a pregnancy in each IVF cycle, the researchers found. Couples in which the man consumed the most caffeine (equivalent to three or more 8-ounce cups of coffee a day) were half as likely to have a pregnancy as couples where the male consumed the least caffeine (less than a cup of coffee daily), the researchers said.

Ultimately, after adjusting their statistics for factors such as age or obesity, the researchers said live births were least likely — just 19 percent of the time — in the couples whose male partners consumed the most caffeine.

But the live pregnancy rate was 52 percent to 60 percent for couples where the men consumed the least caffeine, said study author Dr. Anatte Karmon, a research fellow of reproductive endocrinology and infertility at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The numbers for alcohol consumption only bordered on statistical significance, Karmon said. While 28 percent of couples in which the men drank the least alcohol had live births, she said, live births occurred for 57 percent of couples where the man drank the most — 22 grams or more per day, which is less than the 28 grams found in two “standard” drinks or two 12-ounce beers.

Done. Done. Done. Now we’re fucking talking, science. Want me to get healthier? Want me to give a shit about my sperm count? Then find me every possible way to improve both of those things without me cutting down on booze, and you got yourself a deal.That’s the problem with most health sites and things like that: the common theme is to cut down on booze, which I’m just simply not going to do. If science came to me and said if I don’t have a sip of anything for the next three weeks, my dick would grow by 4 feet, I wouldn’t even think about it. No thanks.
PS- After googling for an image for this, I decided to skip doing a picture and clearing my history. End of story.