Bourbon On a Budget: Best Whiskey In The $20-30 Range

One of the key pillars of Whiskey on the House is that whiskey tends to take itself too seriously. The image of a whiskey drinker usually entails a fancy boy or gal sipping on something expensive in a suit. But let’s not forget how the huge whiskey craze in the states started way back in the day*: guys and girls used to crush whiskey all day long , but they’d only drink cheap stuff: Canadian Club, some cheap scotch, whatever was available. Hell they’d even drink it out of vending machines.

So let’s get to it, you have 20-30 bucks to spend? Here’s the best whiskey for your dollar.

*All of this was based on Mad Men



1. Knob Creek- #29.99

Personally my far and away #1 choice here. It’s 100 proof which means it’s 50% booze for those of you playing along at home. It’s produced by Jim Beam which is why they can produce something of such high percentage of a good price. And honestly- it’s incredible. Check out our review here.

2. Old Grand-Dad Bourbon- $19.99

Having trouble finding Old Granddad? Look down. It’s legitimately on the bottom shelf of every whiskey section in every packie in America. Why? Because your granddad never gave a shit about appearances. Middle and top rows are for the birds. But guess what? Your granddad could also out drink you pretty much at every stage of his and your life. So give this stuff a try. Check our review here

3. Four Roses- $24.99

There’s actually a few Four Roses to choose from and they’re all amazing- Small Batch, Regular, and some others that are a little out of the price range of this article. Original label is what you’ll usually find as the well-whiskey at your favorite bar down the street. Mixes extremely well in Old Fashioneds, very strong and solid on its own, and it’s even decent for shots if that’s your thing. Check our review here of the Small Batch.

4. Maker’s Mark- $29.99

Maker’s is #4 on the list because nothing really stands out about it, but it’s solid every single time. And to be honest it’s a great looking bottle to bring to a party. Everyone will be placing down their shitty six packs and their bottles of Jack, and you’ll be the stallion slamming down this red wax-dipped bottle of badassery on the community booze table. So while it’s a little overpriced at $29.99, you’ll get laid, so it all comes out in the wash.


5. George Dickel- $24.99

Ok so now that we’re finally on the subject of getting laid- this is such a sneaky great pick and it’s called Dickel. What more could you ask for? Instant conversation starter, great name, great whiskey. Check our review here.


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