Drunken Whiskey Review: Canadian Club

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Everyone’s probably joined The Club (by drinking Canadian Club, ya hosers) at one point. It starts with seeing that you can get a liter of whiskey for the cost of about 2 hockey pucks. Next thing you know you’re hipchecking your poor guests into your fridge, saying things like “MAYBE NEXT TIME HOSER.” Listen we all know Canadian Club isn’t exactly the highest up on the wihskey totem pole/ goal post, but it certainly gets the job done for cheap.

How to Drink It:

This one’s kind of a no-brainer. You almost have to have the intention of taking shots before you join The Club. Goes down smooth, gets you drunk. Easy. However if you sip on it full-strength or on ice, you will probably be a little disappointed. I also can’t recommend the Club for mixed drinks. It’s probably fine if you’re doing a simple mixer like soda or whatever you crazy kids do, but in terms of real cocktails, use something else. Bottom line is if you need to get hosed quick, join the Club.


Tastes like a classic Canadian Whiskey. It has a slight taste of maple, again I dont know if they use maple barrels or if it’s Canadian mind games, but the taste is there. The Canadian Club does have a surprising amount of bite to it, it’s not a completely flat whiskey, but it also won’t knock you on your ass (Canadians are too polite for that anyway, eh).

first word: whaaaaatever.

Kind of a boring review. Kind of a boring whiskey. Again if you have like ten bucks and want to get right rip loaded (eh), it’s a good option.


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