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Canadian Whisky is typically not appreciated very much in the whiskey world due to its lack of flavor and character. But here at Whiskey on the House we think differently than those stuck up whiskey snobs who love the smell of their own farts. We know that there is a lot more to whiskey than its flavor profile. And at 10 bucks a bottle, Canadian Mist can bring a lot to the table.

How to Drink It

The silky smoothness of Canadian Mist makes it perfect for taking shots. It goes down like water, with almost no after burn. Canadian Mist is also a great whiskey for a cheap mixed drink. It goes great with coke or ginger ale, and you pour a lot in without much bite. If you want to drink it on the rocks or straight, Canadian Mist isn’t bad either. You wont get a lot of flavor, but it doesn’t taste bad at all – just kind of plain.


Well, there isn’t really too much flavor in Canadian Mist – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We drink whiskey for two reasons, one of them is for the taste, and the other (the most important reason) is to get drunk. There are no flavors that really pop out at you with Canadian Mist, but it doesn’t have a bad taste either. Its more of an absence of taste than anything. And an absence of taste does not get in the way of getting drunk (especially at $10 a bottle!).

Wrap Up

There is nothing bad about the taste of Canadian Mist. It’s a great Whisky if you’re on a budget, or if you really don’t care about the flavor profile and you just want something to get your drunk that doesn’t taste like distilled shit.

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2 Replies to “Drunken Whiskey Review: Canadian Mist”

  1. Just bought my first bottle of CM. I see what everyone is talking about now. Smooth…too smooth. I really didn’t need to find this – but I’m glad I did!

  2. Due to most whiskies being harsh and difficult, folks who are used to the “sophisticated” stuff are somewhat numbed to the subtleties of Canadian whisky. If you taste this along side a bourbon – say Jack – you will find that the Mist goes down smoothly and finishes with some absolutely delicious malty, vanilla and wood notes. It is so gentle that I’ve often made myself keep the empties close so i can count them! Otherwise it can get away from me due to its smoothability. Love this stuff…. for straight drinking as well as mixing it’s really a quality spirit which wont haunt you the next day.

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