Bourbon On a Budget: Best Whiskey In The $20-30 Range

One of the key pillars of Whiskey on the House is that whiskey tends to take itself too seriously. The image of a whiskey drinker usually entails a fancy boy or gal sipping on something expensive in a suit. But let’s not forget how the huge whiskey craze in the states started way back in the day*: guys and girls used to crush whiskey all day long , but they’d only drink cheap stuff: Canadian Club, some cheap scotch, whatever was available. Hell they’d even drink it out of vending machines.

So let’s get to it, you have 20-30 bucks to spend? Here’s the best whiskey for your dollar.

*All of this was based on Mad Men



1. Knob Creek- #29.99

Personally my far and away #1 choice here. It’s 100 proof which means it’s 50% booze for those of you playing along at home. It’s produced by Jim Beam which is why they can produce something of such high percentage of a good price. And honestly- it’s incredible. Check out our review here.

2. Old Grand-Dad Bourbon- $19.99

Having trouble finding Old Granddad? Look down. It’s legitimately on the bottom shelf of every whiskey section in every packie in America. Why? Because your granddad never gave a shit about appearances. Middle and top rows are for the birds. But guess what? Your granddad could also out drink you pretty much at every stage of his and your life. So give this stuff a try. Check our review here

3. Four Roses- $24.99

There’s actually a few Four Roses to choose from and they’re all amazing- Small Batch, Regular, and some others that are a little out of the price range of this article. Original label is what you’ll usually find as the well-whiskey at your favorite bar down the street. Mixes extremely well in Old Fashioneds, very strong and solid on its own, and it’s even decent for shots if that’s your thing. Check our review here of the Small Batch.

4. Maker’s Mark- $29.99

Maker’s is #4 on the list because nothing really stands out about it, but it’s solid every single time. And to be honest it’s a great looking bottle to bring to a party. Everyone will be placing down their shitty six packs and their bottles of Jack, and you’ll be the stallion slamming down this red wax-dipped bottle of badassery on the community booze table. So while it’s a little overpriced at $29.99, you’ll get laid, so it all comes out in the wash.


5. George Dickel- $24.99

Ok so now that we’re finally on the subject of getting laid- this is such a sneaky great pick and it’s called Dickel. What more could you ask for? Instant conversation starter, great name, great whiskey. Check our review here.


5 Whiskies That Won’t Burn Your Wallet or Your Tastebuds

Are you poor as shit and need to get drunk? Willing to sell yourself outside a packie to get a decent whiskey? Well I got good news for you my friends! Put your whoring outfit away because I did you a solid and put together a list of five whiskies that wonʼt burn your tastebuds or your wallet.

Benchmark 8 Bourbon – $11

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 7.27.59 AM

I gotta say this one on my favorites. This stuff is way too good to be this cheap. Itʼs made in the same distillery as buffalo trace, and its top notch stuff. They use a lot more rye than most bourbons so it has a lot more spiciness and flavor. If youʼre gona get one whiskey on this list Iʼd go with this bad boy.

Evan Williams Bourbon – $15

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 9.10.10 AMThis stuff tastes very similar to Jack Daniels, but itʼs half the price and tastes better. Itʼs got a smoother and more smokey flavor. If you like Jack and Cokes you have to try and Evan and Coke. The smokey flavor goes great and mixed drinks, and it also tastes great on the rocks

Canadian Mist – $10

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 7.28.20 AM

I feel a little weird putting a canadian whiskey on this list but I canʼt deny its value. This stuff is smooth and simple. It gets the job done, and its easy to put down. You can rip shots of this stuff all night and never feel the burn.

Old Grand Dad – $15

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 7.28.47 AM

This stuff is awesome. This is a high-rye bourbon like benchmark -so its loaded with spiciness and flavor. Old Grand Dad is made by Jim Beam, but it tastes better and costs less than good ol white label beam.

Old Crow- $9

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 7.29.03 AM

It doesnʼt get much cheaper than this. At nine bucks the crow is an absolute steal. This stuff has a sweet smell and taste. Itʼs smooth with just the right amount of burn. The sweet flavor of this whiskey makes it great in cocktails and on ice. Old Crow has some history too – Mark Twain, and Ulysses S Grant used to drink this stuff.

5 Best Thanksgiving Whiskeys

1. Kirkland Small Batch Bourbon

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 5.27.34 PMCouple things with this bad boy. It’s by ya mothafuckin boy Kirkland, you can buy it wholesale and not even feel judged, it’s actually a really good bourbon for just around 20 doll-hairs, and it’s 51.5% booze, which means that it packs enough of a punch to get you through a full day with your annoying as shit oh so wonderful family.



2. Ardbeg 10 Scotch

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 12.09.53 PM Aside from just being an awesome Scotch, this stuff is pretty light, both in color and in body. So that means you can stuff your gullet to the brim with turkey and still be able to drink your face off without feeling like a stuffed turkey. Turkey.



3. Bulleit Bourbon

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 8.20.23 AM Bulleit Rye is a great whiskey to have on hand in any occasion. This way you can drink it full strempf at dinner, and make some dessert cocktails. The rye mash really packs a punch and will shine through in any cocktail that you make, making it the perfect, versatile whiskey for your get together on Thanksgiving.



4. Woodstock Hot Licks

sexSo not technically whiskey and right off the bat if you’re thinking to yourself “really, cinnamon whiskey, what am I, five?” then fuck you. Read this and tell me you don’t want this stuff.





5. Macallan

146Another great stand-by. Always a great pour, and makes you look like a boss. Much like Ardbeg, this is great to have with dinner and after dinner.

5 Badass Fall Cocktails

You know we love fall here at Whiskey on the House. We know you love fall. So for when you don’t feel like having one of the pumpkin beers that we’ve been reviewing, try out these fall cocktails:

1. Maple Old Fashioned


Pretty simple. Just instead of sugar, try a little real maple syrup. Don’t go overboard with it, because the key to this drink is it’s balance of flavors and sweetness, but real maple syrup can make you want to go bang a maple tree.


2. Remember Me Maine


This is part rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, cherry heering, and a bit of absinthe. Basically tastes like cherry, oak, fall, and the Civil War.

3.  Suburban


Only had this in a bar, so I can’t say I’ve made it myself. I hear it’s rye, dark rum, port, and bitters. What’s nice about this one is the range of flavors coming together, and they really do come together. Definitely try this next time you’re out.


4.  Brain Duster


Who the fuck doesn’t want something called the BRAIN DUSTER? Rye, absinthe, Italian vermouth, and bitters. Watch out, though, because any bartender you order this from will immediately try to make a move on you, you baddass.

5. The Brooklyn


Ok now I’m personally against this one, but a lot of people seem to like it. It’s basically a Manhattan with dry vermouth instead of sweet, and some maraschino liqueur. I just wish it had a different name so all the fucking hipsters wouldn’t order it. You just need to be careful with ordering this one, because you will almost always get an earful about some shitty band “no one’s ever heard of” (maybe because they blow?).

5 Irish Whiskey Bottles for St. Patrick’s Day

So little one, you want to be a Leprechaun. Well I can’t say that I’m surprised. After all, you’re three foot nothing, have a stub nose, and a very intense drinking problem. While that may sound bad, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s five bottles to shove down your pot o’ gold on Saint Patrick’s Day.


1. Killbeggan Traditional Irish Whiskey- $23.99


Buy this one out of pure respect. The oldest distillery in Ireland deserves your first purchase on St. Patrick’s Day.


2. Tyrconnell Single Malt- $30


Now to me “single malt” and “Irish Whiskey” are sort of oxymorons, but I digress. Great single malt Irish whiskey for the price, and goes great as a pregame before you go full-on degenerate mode.

3. Jameson Irish Whiskey-$22



Old reliable. Check our review here and tell me you don’t need this stuff in your arsenal.

4. 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey- $25



Alright let me tell you this straight up. 2 Gingers Irish whiskey isn’t great. It’s not particularly smooth, doesn’t have a great balance of taste, and isn’t all that great for sipping. But there’s something about this whiskey that inspires some crazy nights. So swallow down your dignity and this whiskey and get yourself ready for some seedy and questionable activity.

5. Bushmills Black Bush- $29


Rounding out the list we have something a little more classy with Bushmills Black Bush. Just a great all around Irish whiskey for sipping. Great depth of flavor, and keeps you interested throughout.

5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For the Boozing Couple

valentines day


So I think I stand for all of us when I say that Valentine’s Day blows. It’s a day when we’re all roped in to buying shit because of a holiday that was literally made up by a card company. But I digress. Here’s a couple of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the alcoholic in you and in your significant other.


1. Wine

1306462022463We’re going to call a spade a spade here. We don’t know dick about wine. So just buy something red if she likes red or something white if she likes white and call it a day.

2. Chocolate + Whiskey Combo


Here’s an idea that is guaranteed to get you laid on Saturday. Buy a whiskey, any whiskey, using our drunken reviews as your guide, then buy some chocolates, and just make shit up from there. Tell her that the rye content meshes perfectly with dark chocolate. Or that chocolate covered strawberries and Scotch is a historical tradition dating back to the days of Vikings. Roll up your sleeves and start slingin’ the BS, because we promise this will work wonders

3. Dinner at a Bar + Movie Tickets


Continuing the pairs trend, make reservations at your favorite establishment that makes it clear that it is a bar first, and a restaurant second. Maybe make sure it’s within close range to a movie theatre. Then reserve tickets for 50 Shades of Gray, and you’re fucking golden. You’re sneaky getting this gift for you. You get to drink, then basically watch porn in IMAX with your girlfriend.

4. Ardbeg 10 Scotch Whisky


If you’re lucky enough to date a whiskey woman, then she deserves something special. You can’t bullshit her with any sort of fake whiskey-chocolate combo (just kidding you totally can), so you’re better off just getting her Ardbeg 10 Scotch Whisky because it’s fucking amazing, plain and simple.

5. This Teddy Bear


Made me laugh.

5 Best Bottles To Bring To Your Christmas Party

1. Knob Creek

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 9.10.24 AM

Knob Creek is half booze. You heard it here first. What does that mean? It means that it’s perfect for no matter how good or bad your Christmas party ends up being. If your family is driving you bananas, just keep sipping or maybe sneak a shot in the bathroom. If it’s going well and everyone’s having a great time, consider this stuff to be your fun juice. Win win. Check our review here. 

2. Monkey Shoulder


Monkey Shoulder is great on all levels. First off, it’s a hilarious name. I mean it’s the type of thing that gets funnier the more you drink it. Next, it’s great for parties because this Scotch is excellent to make drinks with. We recommend making yourself a smoky Old Fashioned, and make another one for your favorite cousin. Make sure your least favorite cousin sees that they aren’t getting one.

3. Old Overholt Rye Whiskey

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 9.36.35 AMDon’t be fooled by the low price point here. Old Overholt is good shit. Check our review here. You simply can’t go wrong with the Founding Fathers having your back.  Sip it, mix it, or shoot it, just make sure you’re bringing it to the party.

4. Redemption Rye

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 2.03.24 PMWe promise not to suggest all ryes. But you should definitely bring some rye. Why? Because if people like it, you will be loved. Just freedom to do whatever the fuck you want at the Christmas party (maybe even leave!) because you’re the dude that brought the bottle of rye. Redemption is another solid, versatile rye that is also a great talking point because not many people have heard of the name. Check our Drunken Review here.

5. Fighting Cock


Ok. I’m not going to lie. I’ve only tried this whiskey once, and it was pretty good, but I don’t really remember it. But it’s called Fighting Cock. Come on.


5 Great Gift Whiskeys For The Holidays

So in light of what happened this morning, I wanted to set the record straight and let everyone know that whiskey is the perfect gift for Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, Festivus, or whatever other weirdo shit you celebrate. But when giving a bottle, you don’t want to overspend, and you don’t want to cheap out. And you also need to think of who you’re buying for. Your father in law would probably lombardi the shit out of you if you give him a bottle of Old Grandad, but your buddy would sit down and get hammered with you. There’s subtle differences that can make or break these gifts, and we’re here to help.


1. Johnny Walker Black Label, $35.00

JohnnyPerfect For: An older brother who thinks you don’t know anything about anything, or a younger brother who thinks he likes whiskey but hasn’t had the chance to try something really nice yet. Also is great for anyone who’s kind of a fake fancy person: says he loves Scotch but hasn’t really branched out.

Black Label is a fantastic go-to for a medium end Scotch. It’s fancy enough to be seen as an amazing gift, but it’s not outlandish to the point where your wallet will be completely empty. And it totally just puts those fancy hipsters in a mental pretzel. You know those guys who wear those ties with the bottom squared off and fake glasses that pretend to love Scotch, but have only really heard of Black Label. So it’s the perfect back-handed gift you can give while exposing their hipsterness.


2. Four Roses Yellow Label Bourbon, $20.00

four rosesPerfect For: Your buddies, bringing to a holiday party, or for someone who just recently got into whiskey (because you don’t want to buy them something shitty, but also don’t want to spend big).

This is a great whiskey for one of your friends. The perfect whiskey to sip, shoot, mix, and have a conversation with. And it’s only 20 bucks, so you can even bring it with you to a holiday party.


3.  WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey, $70.00

whistlePerfect For: your dad, grandfather, or wife (if she’s fucking awesome)

High end, ultra premium, unbelievable rye. Needs to be someone who knows their shit so they appreciate it, and someone who really enjoys a good, spicy rye. This will totally count as your full Christmas gift, and if it doesn’t, you should find a new family because yours is full of assholes.


4. Woodford Reserve Bourbon, $37.00

197901LPerfect For: Your best friend, spouse, or in-laws

Great whiskey that really strikes the perfect balance between how good it is and how expensive it is. You always want the taste to outweigh the price, and Woodford certainly achieves that.


5. Bulleit Rye (or Bulleit Bourbon) $33.00

bulleitPerfect For: Your mixologist buddy, anyone who wears a skinny tie, in-laws, or to bring to a party (if you’re a fucking baller)

Buleit Rye is a go to for me. I use it for almost everything: mixing, sipping, and just gulping down like it’s water. I love the stuff. So personal biases aside, it’s a good middle of the pack rye. And the bourbon is great too. See our reviews on the Rye and on the Bourbon .



Top Drinks to Keep You Warm/Drunk This Christmas Season

Christmastime and booze go hand in hand. Decorating the tree? Slap on some Christmas tunes and make yourself a nice drink, and it goes from being just another year of decorating a tree to a kind of strange and refreshing drunken experience where you can really see how weird it is to bring a tree into your house and put lights and little snowmen all over it. It just makes everything better. And the best part? Most of these drinks can be put in a regular old coffee mug, so your family will never suspect a thing.


1. Spiced Irish Coffee


Just couldn’t be more obvious that we’d start off with this classic. Just put some Irish whiskey in with your coffee, maybe put a little whipped cream and cinnamon on top, and you’re good to go. The caffeine will fire you up/make you poop, and the booze will mellow you out. Time to party on the toilet.


2. Bourbon Tea With Orange

enhanced-7483-1417281194-23Another classic is whiskey and tea. But using a nice bourbon (we recommend Four Roses Small Batch) with some fresh orange juice and a little honey to sweeten it up a bit, and you’re golden.

3. Kahlua Hot Chocolate

enhanced-30279-1417280431-17You can pretty much do anything with Kahlua when it comes to winter drinks. Put it into some coffee as a boozed-creamer, or try out this recipe for some Kahlua Hot Chocolate. And do us all a favor and skip the mini marshmallows. Unless you like a healthy dose of personal attacks from your buddies with your booze.

4. Knob Creek Chai


To be completely honest I didn’t really know what Chai was up until about six seconds ago, but we all know how we feel about Knob Creek.So you could pretty much put that whiskey in piss and it would still taste ok, so I think the ‘Creek and Chai will go perfectly.

5. Mulled Wine With Cranberry

slow-cooker-mulled-wineThis is great for having a party. You gotta put your wine, fruit, and spices into a slow cooker, but it is well worth the preparation. Basically a holiday-themed hot sangria.  Again, leave the fingerless homeless person mittens at home please.



Top 8 Gifts For The Whiskey Lover/ Alcoholic In Your Life

1. The Perfect Whiskey Glass- $14.95



The NEAT Whiskey Glass is fucking awesome (see our review here). It’s perfect for the person in your life who loves to drink whiskey neat/is the most badass person you know. The price point makes it perfect to go along with a bottle or as a stocking stuffer.


2. Personalized Mini-Oak Whiskey Barrel- $69.99


Basically a less snobby decanter. Perfect for someone with a home bar. You can find a lot more of these on Amazon, some have different types of wood so you can age and give a little flavor to your favorite whiskey.

3. Whiskey Rocks- $29.99


We personally recommend a company called Whiskey Disks because the disk shape to us cools the drink down more evenly, but there’s a ton of different types of whiskey rocks out there. Won’t water down your dink, and make you feel like a caveman. Win-win.

4. Whiskey Advent Calendar- $235.00


This might be my favorite one on the list. There’s nothing better than getting drunk every single day up to Christmas on different whiskey. Or, if you’re a high roller, you could save them all for Christmas Eve, sit yourself down in a rocking chair facing your chimney, and just wait for that fat son of a bitch to try and break into your home.

EDIT-wrote this before looking up the price. Holy Shaneekey.

5. 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die- $13.17


It takes a lot for me to recommend a book for Christmas. Like usually a book would only bring back suppressed childhood memories when you were expecting that N64 and got the mother fucking Bernstein Bears. But this makes it worth it. Maybe pick up a book and buy the first whiskey on the list to get the party rolling?

6. Jack Daniel’s Chaser Jigger- $9.69


Another great gift for the home bartender. Make a drink, take a shot. Make a drink, take a shot. Take a shot….take a shot. Beauty.

7. Whiskey Cologne- $108.00


Now I know you’re thinking that price is a little steep. But it’s cheaper than a hooker, and both things are guaranteed to get you laid. Who the hell doesn’t want to smell like whiskey? And this way you just put a few puffs on and you’re basically allowed to be drunk in public. You reek of booze! Nope. That’s just ultra sophisti-camacated cologne.

8. Nice Whiskey

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 9.33.11 AM


The ultimate no-brainer, right? Check out our list of more luxurious whiskeys and pick from any of them. Tell the person you’re giving the gift to that you got your recommendation from Whiskey on the House, and have them be forever indebted to you.