Drunken Whiskey Review: Kirkland Canadian Whiskey


Listen, Kirkland is our boy. He really won us over with his 1 Liter of pretty damn good bourbon basically for free, and now I suddenly find a 1.75 L of Kirkland Canadian whiskey for $20. Talk about buying wholesale.  Now it’s important to take this price into account when reviewing this whiskey. This shit is dirt cheap. If you have a party coming up, or if you’re just about ready to do some anger drinking, pick yourself up a handle of this stuff and you’ll be good to go.

How to Drink It

Shots. Take shots of this stuff. I’ve always thought that the best thing about Canadian whiskey is how perfect it is for taking shots, and Kirkland Canadian whiskey is no different. This stuff doesn’t hip check you on the way down, it more pats you on the back and says “oh I’m sorry eh” while gently consoling you into getting extremely hammered. The initial taste when taking a shot is a little rough, but just think of Canadians in Saskatchawan ice fishing and you’ll be relaxed and good to go. We did try this whiskey in sort of an impromptu Manhattan Toronto, and I was pleasantly surprised by the results.  It actually mixes pretty damn well for a Canadian whiskey. I don’t really recommend drinking it full strempf, but if you’re one of those hockey players who just smiles when they lose 14 teeth after taking a slapper to the dome, you probably like to live dangerously, so go ahead ya loon.


To get a little more specific on flavor, you first smell sweetness when bringing it up to your mouth. Nothing too extreme, because there’s still a spice smell in there, but again it’s more of a Canadian apology than a punch in the gut. On your tongue, I definitely tasted more sweetness, hockey pucks, peppermint, chipped ice, and warm spice. There’s a legitimate kick to it right when it goes down your gullet, but it’s all worth it in the end. The finish actually lasts a while which is nice, so you can keep the train moving while you pour yourself another shot, ya hoser.

Wrap Up

Kirkland, you dirty dawg you. We couldn’t really figure out where this shit was from, but we’re going to assume it’s some spinoff of Crown Royal. I even tried calling Kirkland himself, but he swiftly told me to go fuck myself in a kind, wholesale way. That’s pretty much the story of this whiskey. It provides a nice kick and will definitely get you drunk, but it basically comes with a kind Canadian farm guy who follows you around apologizing for shit. Can definitely get annoying, but it’s actually kinda nice. Definitely a must buy for any party or for anyone whose jimmies tingle when buying wholesale.


 Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 12.26.52 PM $20.00/ 1.75 Liter

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Drunken Whiskey Review: Canadian Club

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 9.11.02 AMIntro:

Everyone’s probably joined The Club (by drinking Canadian Club, ya hosers) at one point. It starts with seeing that you can get a liter of whiskey for the cost of about 2 hockey pucks. Next thing you know you’re hipchecking your poor guests into your fridge, saying things like “MAYBE NEXT TIME HOSER.” Listen we all know Canadian Club isn’t exactly the highest up on the wihskey totem pole/ goal post, but it certainly gets the job done for cheap.

How to Drink It:

This one’s kind of a no-brainer. You almost have to have the intention of taking shots before you join The Club. Goes down smooth, gets you drunk. Easy. However if you sip on it full-strength or on ice, you will probably be a little disappointed. I also can’t recommend the Club for mixed drinks. It’s probably fine if you’re doing a simple mixer like soda or whatever you crazy kids do, but in terms of real cocktails, use something else. Bottom line is if you need to get hosed quick, join the Club.


Tastes like a classic Canadian Whiskey. It has a slight taste of maple, again I dont know if they use maple barrels or if it’s Canadian mind games, but the taste is there. The Canadian Club does have a surprising amount of bite to it, it’s not a completely flat whiskey, but it also won’t knock you on your ass (Canadians are too polite for that anyway, eh).

first word: whaaaaatever.

Kind of a boring review. Kind of a boring whiskey. Again if you have like ten bucks and want to get right rip loaded (eh), it’s a good option.


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Drunken Whiskey Review: Canadian Mist



Canadian Whisky is typically not appreciated very much in the whiskey world due to its lack of flavor and character. But here at Whiskey on the House we think differently than those stuck up whiskey snobs who love the smell of their own farts. We know that there is a lot more to whiskey than its flavor profile. And at 10 bucks a bottle, Canadian Mist can bring a lot to the table.

How to Drink It

The silky smoothness of Canadian Mist makes it perfect for taking shots. It goes down like water, with almost no after burn. Canadian Mist is also a great whiskey for a cheap mixed drink. It goes great with coke or ginger ale, and you pour a lot in without much bite. If you want to drink it on the rocks or straight, Canadian Mist isn’t bad either. You wont get a lot of flavor, but it doesn’t taste bad at all – just kind of plain.


Well, there isn’t really too much flavor in Canadian Mist – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We drink whiskey for two reasons, one of them is for the taste, and the other (the most important reason) is to get drunk. There are no flavors that really pop out at you with Canadian Mist, but it doesn’t have a bad taste either. Its more of an absence of taste than anything. And an absence of taste does not get in the way of getting drunk (especially at $10 a bottle!).

Wrap Up

There is nothing bad about the taste of Canadian Mist. It’s a great Whisky if you’re on a budget, or if you really don’t care about the flavor profile and you just want something to get your drunk that doesn’t taste like distilled shit.

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