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480x307x84c714c61.jpg.pagespeed.ic_.eS76NIFleH1High-end shoemaker Oliver Sweeney offers a pair of shoes with a compartment in the sole that holds a Johnnie Walker miniature (or you could put better booze in there), and features a clear panel that reveals the bottle when you shoe someone your soles.

The limited edition Johnnie Walker Oliver Sweeney Brogue is a footwear first that brings together style, design and flair. The iconic Oxford Style Brogue features a reworked crank to accommodate a Johnnie Walker Red Label miniature in the heel, custom-embroidery, a striding man tattoo, red suede lining in the heel compartment and a transparent top piece to reveal the whisky from below. A sophisticated and progressive alternative to a classic, the Johnnie Walker Oliver Sweeney Brogue will make sure you boldly keep walking.

Via Boing Boing


First of all, this “Boing Boing” site needs to clean it up. Boing boing? Do you want people to come to you by accident when they’re just looking for porn? You can take that as a consulting tip on how to run the internet from Whiskey on the House, we’ll bill you later. Second, how badly did they butcher these booze shoes? What an idea. Shoes with compartments for nips. One slight fucking oversight though, and that’s that the nip isn’t hidden. Like at all. You can see the cap from the back, and the sole of the shoe is clear where the nip goes. The second thing isn’t a huge deal, but you’d think they’d atleast consider making these a little bit more sneaky. A+ idea, F- execution.

PS- 100% chance that typo at the end of the first paragraph was on purpose right? Saying “shoe” instead of “show?” That makes me almost need these booze shoes on merit alone.

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