Which Country Drinks the Most Booze?


It has been established that the most expensive beer in the world is sold in Norway, while the cheapest can be chugged in Poland. But in which country is the most alcohol drunk?

Stereotypes and anecdotes abound: the English are always drunk, especially on vacation; the Russians have vodka for breakfast; the Germans dress up in leather just to drink beer. The French invented Champagne, and the Chinese enjoy drinking it.

Via The Wall Street Journal

Well glad to see the countries that made up the former USSR are still doing well. If I lived in a place where I’m pretty sure every real life object is in black and white, I’d probably be drinking my face off constantly too. But what a disappointing showing by the US. Is there another country that makes stronger laws and tries to ban everything under the sun, and then lays an absolute egg in the standings like this? Why are we so obsessed with trying to get people to stop drinking if we aren’t even out drinking France?! It’s France! They shouldn’t beat us in anything, good or bad.

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