Drunken Brew Review: Berkshire Oktoberfest Lager


That time of the year again, time to get drunk off of fall beers and write about em. If you’re anything like us, some of the Oktoberfest-style beers actually speak to you more than the usual “fall” kind of beers. I’d substitute the flavors of the more German style, caramel-y flavors over some of the more pumpkin pie flavors any day. Berkshire Beer Co is straight out of western, MA. Which if you’re from Boston, you classify as basically anything west of Waltham. They’re known for making solid craft beers that sell for an extremely reasonable price around here in MA, and for having a pretty kickass brewery.  This bad boy clocks in at 7.5% booze which is awesome, and needless to say, it’s only around in the fall. So let’s get the party started.


Oktoberfest beers are just inherently hard to judge because they’re all trying to be the exact same thing. Personally I’m waiting to get drunk off of a beer that calls itself Oktoberfest but still tries to be different. So if you’re anything like me, you’re still going to be waiting for that “different” Oktoberfest after trying Berkshire’s offering. But Berkshire nails what it’s trying to go for mostly: a german oktoberfest that tastes like a regular German Oktoberfest. You know the flavors: malty, spice, earthiness, etc. All good shit, but again, nothing really stands out. Which puts a drunk reviewer between a rock and a hard place: be a dick and knock them points off for not reading your mind, or grade them off of what they were trying to be: a regular Oktoberfest. Well if you’ve read a sentence of this website before, you know I’m an asshole. So that’s points off from me. Now I will say the one amazing quality about this beer that sets it apart is the booze percentage. You definitely can NOT tell that it’s 7.5% Right when you drink it, you get a split second of insane flavors and intense alcohol hitting your tongue, and then it’s gone as fast as it arrived. You know another German who ruled hard and fast and then disappeared suddenly? Yeah you do. So that’s a pretty major swing in the right direction for this beer, I love beers that can pack an alcoholic punch without tasting like dirty dishwater.

How to Drink It

Now this is where it gets interesting. Because of the mix of the disappearing act of flavor, sneaky alcohol punch, and the fact that you can buy it for a reasonable price, I’m going to go ahead and say you should be drinking this as your Fall/ Halloween Party beer of choice. You can seriously get a nice buzz off the stuff all while staying in the holiday spirit. And because it doesn’t linger and is fairly light for an Oktoberfest, you can definitely play your regular drinking games with it. And if you happen to find yourself losing in a WWII-style beer pong game? Nevermind.

Wrap Up

So by now you’re probably kind of confused. On one hand, I like this shit because it’s kind of cheap and packs a punch. On the other hand, the flavor is a little bit disappointing and disappears from your mouth pretty quickly. So all in all I’d say this is an average and not extremely unique Oktoberfest, but it’s an above average and unique fall beer. Does that make sense? Probably not, but you read that we write these reviews when we’re drunk, right? So go ahead and buy some of this stuff when you have a party next time, and make all the Hitler jokes you want, because they’re a hit 100% of the time , unlike a certain German leaders’ missiles.



/ 10

~$7.00 / 22 oz



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