Drunken Brew Review: Foolproof Peanut Butter Raincloud


So now that it’s officially fall brew season, we’re kicking off our annual tradition like none other: getting drunk off of fall beers and writing reviews. This week’s contestant comes from the great incredibly mediocre state of Rhode Island, Foolproof Brewing’s Peanut Butter Raincloud. If you’re anything like me, your brain immediately starts thinking about Reesee’s cups when you hear the name of this beer. Encapsulates everything great about Halloween, and everyone knows the houses that hand out full-fledged Reesee’s cups (not the midget ones) are the absolute best. So needless to say we were pretty pumped about doing this review.

Now here’s my one issue with fall beers: most of them fucking suck. They’re usually just variations of the same core fall “flavors” of nutmeg, cinnamon, pumpkin, anthrax, etc. This beer is different. And it hits on something that everyone absolutely loves, and that’s peanut butter.


The number 1 thing that shines through in this beer that you wouldnt know just by looking at it is that it’s an unbelievably good porter. Even if you take out the peanut butter flavor, it’s a rock solid porter. So it’s got all of the flavors in a good porter you can expect, but here’s the twist: the peanut butter is subtle as snot. You’d think by looking at the name and seeing the label that this shit is 95% peanut butter, but there’s actually a great balance that doesn’t make you feel like you’re drinking a reese’s cup. It’s very, very drinkable, and preps your mouth hole perfectly for ingesting some more booze. Actually my biggest complaint about this beer is that they lead you into thinking youre going to be drinking an actual peanut butter cup, and then you have this beer and realize how god damn moronic of an idea that is in the first place. If you like darker beers this is quite literally the perfect fall porter.

How to Drink It

Like I said, I think this beer is best for breaking up rounds of whiskey, or some higher-octane beers. You absolutely should not be playing drinking games with this, it’s best suited for sitting around with your buddies, having a good conversation, and physically torturing your friend who has a peanut allergy. And that is what brings me to my main point: everyone has a friend that no one fucking likes. For me it’s my marketing chief at Whiskey on the House. Can’t stand the guy. But you know what he has that I don’t have? A god damn peanut allergy. So throw a koozie on this beer and talk up how good it is as you slowly hand it to him, and bingo bango your problem is solved. That’s this beer’s secret weapon, drive away those losers in the world who are allergic to peanuts. I fullheartedly don’t believe anyone is actually allergic to peanuts. So if your loser friend is willing to lie to your face like that, you should be able to knowingly serve him peanut butter beer*.

Wrap Up

Do I love this beer? Yes. Do I love the flavors and ease of drinking? Yes. Do I love sneaky putting it under my “allergic” friend’s nose and watching his throat close up? Of course not. I don’t know why anyone had to bring allergies into this conversation, I’m just here to review a beer. That being said, this is an absolutely rock solid beer. It takes the fall flavors you love but doesn’t lombardi you in the face with them, it lets you enjoy your fall and your flannel shirts without being a hipster douchebag about it. I highly recommend this beer.






*Whiskey on the House assumes zero responsibility for you having shitty friends


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