Drunken Brew Review: Lord Hobo Brewing Company Boomsauce IPA


Ok. We need to kick this drunken review off by addressing the absurd names being thrown around in the headline there. Let’s start with the brewery themselves. Lord Hobo. Comes in hot, forces you to buy pretty much anything they’re putting out. It also happens to be quite the interesting google search, especially when you forget to put the keyword “brewery” in at the end. Lord Hobo Brewing Company hails from the greatest state in the country, Massachusetts. Apparently it’s run by a guy named Daniel Lanigan, who used to be a bar owner but now is dabbling in the fine art of brewing. He’s opened and established several great bars in Boston and also in Baltimore, and now he’s running a gigantic brewery out of Woburn, MA, and this Boomsauce IPA is his flagship brew. So yes, we did buy this beer solely because of it’s name. But your third grade teacher who told you not to judge a book by its cover also told you that picking your nose in public is wrong. And we all know that’s the stupidest shit we’ve ever heard. So let’s get into it.

How to Drink It

To be completely honest, Lord Hobo Boomsauce IPA is really one of those beers that should be drank at a bar and at a bar only. Ordering this on tap and having it in a real glass brings out the ridiculous flavors that are going on in it. Pretty much your 1 way to go here. But 1A is definitely to buy it at a packie (that means liquor store) in the tall boy cans. The cans themselves along with this IPAs astounding drinkability will allow you to drink this bad boy while playing some low-key drinking games. Think card games, something along the lines of the lovingly named “Fuck the Dealer” or “Irish Poker” or something like “Horserace.” Or if you’re playing any kind of video game drinking game (we recommend Mario Party). The bottom line is this: there’s enough of a flavor depth to want to drink this at a bar and enjoy it, but it’s drinkable enough and high enough in alcohol, 7.4%, to help you out in your pre-game this weekend.


Lord Hobo Boomsauce IPA takes all the normal flavors you’d think about in an IPA: hops, floral, bitterness, and seemingly runs it through a filter. Don’t get me wrong, I have no idea what or how they do it, but it tastes like it’s purified somehow. Makes some other IPAs taste like tap water while you’re drinking bottled. Which is what leads me to the main point: it’s fucking drinkable. If you read our reviews often, we like to get drunk. This means that when we have some of these high-octane IPAs that fill you up after six sips, we don’t like it, because that means we cannot get drunk off of it. So when an IPA comes along that lends itself to normal drinking, let’s just say there’s some movement in the pants area. Only other flavors to add is a scent of pine and an amazing aftertaste. You know that the brewer’s homebrewing background really comes out in spades with this Lord Hobo Boomsauce IPA.

To keep it fair, the only negatives I can find with this beer is the price itself. It’s definitely overpriced at $15.00 for a 4 pack, but let’s hope this gigantic brewery can help lower the costs down a bit in the future. Other than that, if you don’t like strong IPAs than you shouldn’t be drinking this. If you do, we think you’ll love the drinkability and the flavor depth.

Wrap Up

Lord Hobo Brewing Company is a well-named brewery that seems to have a bright future ahead of it. And when they came up with the name “Boomsauce” for their IPA, let’s just say they had a lot to live up to. And they did. If they can work on lowering their price, the sky seems to be the limit for this beer and the brewery itself. Great brew.


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