Drunken Whiskey Review: Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon


Four Roses/ 108It’s about time we pop the cork on Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon and give it a fair* drunken review. We’ve mentioned Four Roses tons of times in posts and lists, and it’s about time we sat down and dove into it. You’ve definitely seen Four Roses Small Batch before: a little more expensive than the regular Four Roses yellow label, and a nicer bottle. I believe Four Roses produces ten different bourbons, and this small batch is a combination of four of them. Get it? Four! So here we go.

How to Drink It

Drinking Four Roses Small Batch full strempf is great. You can get a good deal of flavor, as well as a strong taste of booze. Because of that, drinking it on the rocks is also a solid option, probably the better option of the two. If you’re a mixed drink kind of guy, this shit is for you. It mixes extremely well with fruit, and it’s recommended that you make a mint julep with it. We made a mint julep as well as an old fashioned, and this bourbon does a great job of providing you with flavor without overpowering the drink.


Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon is a pretty chill guy. He’s the dude you meet at the bar who you end up having a pretty nice conversation with. He doesn’t get overbearing, showing you pictures of his cats posing in funny ways with the pile of dead bodies in his basement (that’s what cat people do, right?), but he’s the guy who tells you about his job, shoots the shit about how awful the Bruins are this year, and knows when the conversation is over, and gives you a quick cheers appropriately. That’s Four Roses Small Batch.

What was interesting to me about this whiskey is how the taste and flavor is consistent no matter how you drink it. A lot of whiskies are great for mixing and drinking neat, for example, but they just taste different. Four Roses is remarkably consistent, in that no matter if you drink it neat, on the rocks, as a shot, or in a drink, you’re getting the same exact full flavor every single time. To me that’s a pretty unique quality of a whiskey.


That consistent flavor of Four Roses Small Batch packs a punch. It definitely lets you know it’s there, but also has a few more gentle taste notes inside of it like vanilla and other bullshit like that. But the real key thing here is that consistency. The “burn” also has a flavor to it. Usually you’re just left with a sore throat for half a second, which I always thought was just the feeling you get when the whiskey is forcing a new hair to grow on your chest, but with Four Roses, the flavors are sort of stuck to your throat for an extra second, and it’s definitely a good thing.

Wrap Up

We’re all about Four Roses here at Whiskey on the House. So our reviews might be a little biased, but they’re definitely telling the truth. Quite honestly, Four Roses Small Batch is just good stuff, and that’s all there is to it. While we love the O.G. Four Roses because of its value, that’s really the only place where the Small Batch misses the mark. It simply can’t compete with the low price point of the yellow label stuff, so it loses some points there. But other than that, the consistency of flavor is what sets this apart.


Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 6.25.23 PM           $35.00


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