Drunken Whiskey Review: Irish Mist Irish Whiskey

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Nothing like good ol’ irish whiskey to get you in the mood for drinking. The Irish Mist brand is pretty famous as its first product (Irish Mist Honey Whiskey) is based on a recipe from ireland that was popular in the 1500’s and 1600’s until the damn brits invaded ireland and the recipe was lost. Desmond Williams found the old recipe in a manuscript and started producing irish mist honey. Irish Mist realized that only little bitches drank Honey Whiskey and they wanted to come out with a manly whiskey for those of us with testicles. Thus Irish Mist Triple Distilled Irish blended Whiskey was born.

How to Drink It

Like most irish whiskies, Irish Mist is smooth and easy to drink. Shots go down fine, and drinking it on the rocks or full stempf is best. Generally I don’t like to use irish whiskies often for mixed drinks, as they are too smooth and their flavor can easily get lost; However Irish Mist is one of them with a little bit more flavor and bite (in a good way) and can go decent in some mixed drinks.


Irish Whiskies are lighter of flavor and bite, which makes them easier to drink, but the lack of character can sometimes be unsatisfying. Irish Mist has more flavor and bite than most Irish Whiskies out there. I’d say its more similar to a Jameson or Michael Collins. One of the better tasting Irish Whiskies I’ve had.

Wrap Up

Irish Mist is a great choice if you’re in the mood for Irish Whiskey. Its about the price of Jameson, and is in the same ballpark in terms of quality. After knowing the history of Irish Mist, its very difficult not to curse the British. So go find some Irish Mist, pour yourself a glass, and start posting nasty things about the British on social media.

shots    $25/ 750 mL

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6 Replies to “Drunken Whiskey Review: Irish Mist Irish Whiskey”

  1. Love the stuff and I am not Irish; but I drink Irish, eat Italian and drive German. At 73, and living the aforementioned lifestyle, life’s GOOD! It was my brother-in-law, Pat O’Shea, who introduced me to the Mist. I would not mind at all if you posted my comment. Patrick and I would enjoy reading my response to the best thing he ever did for me. Thank you.

    1. Being 63 and of Scots, Irish, Dutch, French, English and Cherokee heritage I have to say that I also drink Irish, eat Italian, and drive Japanese. I love Irish Mist and have since I first discovered it waaay back in my early twenties. Back then it was just Irish Mist not Irish Mist Honey. I drink it straight as I wouldn’t want anything to contaminate my favorite flavor. If you can’t throw it back like a man (even if you’re a woman) you shouldn’t be drinking it.

  2. Thanks for the Irish MIst history lesson. I agree that only the weak drink honey whiskey and that the Brits messed up lots of stuff. On to trash them on social media, but this being the 100 yr anniversary of independence of 1916…the story is laid out…..

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