Drunken Whiskey Review: Knob Creek Rye



Everyone knows of Knob Creek Rye by now- the green-labeled version of the

hugely popular Knob Creek Bourbon. The Knob is produced by Jim Beam and clocks in at 50% alcohol, so it certainly packs a punch. To me that’s the calling card of Knob Creek- you always know that half of what you’re drinking is straight up booze, and that’s a beautiful thing. So let’s figure out how the rye stacks up and if it’s worth keeping in your liquor cabinet.

How to Drink It

There’s no other way to drink this other than straight. It doesn’t make any god damn sense to mix it, and you will drop dead if you start shooting this stuff. Drink it straight and call it a night.


I’ll just come out and say it: this whiskey tastes like what I imagine firing off a rocket feels like. The initial blast off gets the pants tight, and then you know impending doom is soon to come later from the 100 proof.  Compared to other ryes it has a much stronger spice flavor, and also finishes quite nicely if you’re drinking it straight. And that’s where the difference comes in: almost every rye I’ve ever tasted is the same. They’re spicy, they’re strong, and they get you drunk. But Knob Creek Rye is actually fairly unique. There’s a certain je ne know what going on inside of it that set it apart from the rest.


Unlike Knob Creek Bourbon, I do not think this needs to be a staple in your liquor cabinet. That has nothing to do with the quality but more to do with the fact that there simply are better ryes out there. That being said, if you find yourself at a dark bar a little bit later than you should be, this is an excellent, excellent sipping whiskey.  Knob Creek Rye is best served on nights when you’re not exactly sure what the plan is- let the 100 proof make your decisions for you.

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