Drunken Whiskey Review: Rebel Yell Kentucky Straight Bourbon



There is never a time where I don’t have one of Rebel Yell’s Whiskies in my liquor cabinet (usually my favorite of theirs: Rebel Reserve). And its not just because I like their products. There are other brands of whiskey I like better- but I don’t keep them stocked. The reason I always have one of rebel yells products is because of how the company treats their customers. I’ve never seen a whiskey producer (even the little guys) pay so much attention to the people that buy their product. Wanna shoot the shit, or tell these guys how much you love their product? Go ahead and contact them, they will get back to you quickly and address whatever bullshit you said (probably drunkenly).

And if you like rebel yells whiskies enough that you sign up for their “Band of Rebels” group (on their website) you get free stuff up the ass. I signed up a year ago and i’ve been flaunting my free rebel yell flasks (yes, I said flasks – plural) around town ever since.

How to Drink It

Well this is the first time we are going to do this at whiskey on the house, but I think I’m going to have to split this section into two parts due to the versatility of this whiskey. One for drinking to get drunk (most of our readers hopefully) and the other is for sipping.

Are you trying to get drunk? – read this
If you’re trying to get drunk than this whiskey is good for ANY SCENARIO. Seriously. Its extremely smooth – possibly the most smooth I’ve had, so its a great whiskey for shots and drinking straight. On the ice? hell yes – its so easy and tasty you can drink it like water! And in a cocktail you can load this bad boy up- several shots in a drink and it will still taste great.

Are you sipping and relaxing? – read this
If you’re sipping and relaxing, you should heavily reconsider. Life is short – why not get drunk? But if you’re that fucking persistent than read on.
This whiskey doesn’t have much bite, but it has a nice balanced flavor so its fantastic for drinking straight. On ice it tastes pretty watered down- so its not the best for sipping. Mixing it into cocktails may leave you with a bland taste unless you use a lot of this stuff. And shots? Well, you’re reading the sipping and relaxing section so you shouldn’t give a shit about what the shots taste like. If you had a sudden change of heart see the “are you trying to get drunk” section above.


Typically wheated bourbons are lighter on flavor and smoother than standard bourbons (made with rye). For some people (particularly whiskey snobs who like the smell of their own farts) the taste will be too bland. But for the average joe this stuff is great- its the perfect balance of easy drinking and good flavor.

Wrap up

Rebel Yell is a good go to whiskey by one of the best whiskey producers out there. At whiskey on the house we always incorporate value in our ratings- and at $14 per 750mL this stuff is a steal. So if you’re trying to get a drunk for cheap this weekend without killing your taste-buds pick up a bottle of Rebel Yell.


Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 7.58.18 AM


Price: $14/750

2 Replies to “Drunken Whiskey Review: Rebel Yell Kentucky Straight Bourbon”

  1. I tried this in a mini and thought it was ok. I actually thought the reserve at 90 proof was far smoother and better. Had it in an old fashioned and really liked it.

  2. A friend introduced me to this fine whiskey a few days ago. I’m now a loyal fan. For years I’ve enjoyed single malt scotch. I think I can fool some some rather snooty scotch drinkers with rebel yell. Being an old rebel myself, I’ll let you know how things turn out. Best Regards, L. T Tate

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