Drunken Whiskey Review: Redemption Rye

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Redemption Rye is a big, 92-proof straight rye whiskey. It’s aged for about 2-3 years, and is bottled by Bardstown Barrel Selections, inc. You’ve seen it in the liquor stores. It has a very distinct bottle design that does a great job of standing out among regular whiskey bottles. Now if you like rye whiskey, you better not be wearing sweatpants: because this bad boy is about 95% rye. So hide that boner, and let’s get down to business, shall we?

How to Drink It

This is a premium drink when it comes to mixing. Aging it 2-3 years really helps it hit that perfect mark where it can shine through in your Manhattan or Old Fashioned, but also not completely take over the drink. Pretty much any Prohibition-style drink is perfect for this bad boy. It’s a great excuse to wear Sherlock Holmes hats and suspenders and get drunk in your bathtub. That’s what they did in the bathtubs after making their moonshine, right? Never mind. Rye was the original ingredient in most Prohibition drinks, and was later substituted for bourbon. So take pride in knowing that you’re drinking a true American original.

Redemption Rye Whiskey also goes well full strempf, and especially if you enjoy the spice notes in your whiskey. We also noticed that drinking this whiskey on the rocks helps add some nice flavor once some of the ice melts. Surprisingly, this whiskey is pretty decent to take shots with if you’re feeling like a 1920-s era superman, but overall we definitely recommend making some badass Prohibition drinks with this stuff.


Right off the bat, you get that rye spiciness. That spiciness lasts throughout the drink, and finishes with a pretty clean aftertaste. Big picture, this whiskey tastes like leather. Like if you’ve ever been in one of those weirdo leather stores, it pretty much tastes like that. Redemption Rye uses about 95% rye in this whiskey, and you can fucking tell. That spicy rye and some hidden balanced sweetness makes for a pretty great whiskey.

Wrap Up

We’re about two things here at Whiskey on the House: one is rye whiskey, and the other is not spending a shit load of money to have some good whiskey. This Redemption Rye really hits the mark on both counts. We highly recommend this stuff if you like to make your own drinks, but if you’re looking for strictly a sipping whiskey, this would only satisfy you if you’re a rye enthusiast because of the 95% rye content. Definitely pick up  a bottle of this stuff and make it a cornerstone of your home bar. Just don’t throw a Prohibition era party. Nobody likes those, and nobody likes you if you throw one.

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                         $25.00/ 750 mL

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13 Replies to “Drunken Whiskey Review: Redemption Rye”

  1. “and is distilled by Bardstown Barrel Selections, inc.”

    You mean bottled, not distilled. Not that Redemption tries to hide that fact, but it is a distinct difference.

    Other than that, great review, and very delicious whiskey.

  2. So this is my favorite whiskey, and I love it straight. It’s also the first whiskey I’ve enjoyed straight. Can you recommend some others that aren’t for mixing, but are more in the spicy than sweet side? I’ve learned in my experiences that I hate sour mash whiskeys, I want something with spice, dry, and a bit abrasive.

    1. I would recommend Henry McKenna 10 year 100 proof bourbon. It has that spicy rye bite you like but is balanced nicely with a caramelized brown sugar subtlety. A great sipper neat or with a splash of water.

  3. Redemption is my favorite at home; one on the bar and in the cupboard! I like to rotate Ryes and mix in Bulleit, George Dickel, Templeton, Mitchner’s…so far I keep returning to Redemption appealing flavor.

    Next, contestant Highwest Double rye, I’ve had it in bars…now I want to try it at home and compare with Redemption.

  4. I am Scots but have lived in the US for 30 years. Love my single malts but absolutely hate bourbon. That corn taste just sticks to your teeth! Then a couple of year ago I finally stumbled on rye whiskey. I love it. That peppery taste, that clean after taste. It is brilliant, love the stuff. I have tried many different varieties but I have to say that I think Redemption punches way above its price range. It is smooth but oh so rye. I like mine with some club soda and NO ice. Just a great drink.

  5. “Boner” jokes, really? You do realize that women enjoy whiskey too? I guess I should wear a sports bra when I try this stuff.

    1. HAHA “sports bra” that’s funny. I appreciate a good woman that can sip a whiskey. Redemption Rye is one of my favorites, absolutely fantastic. To me it smells and tastes just like rye bread with just the right amount of sweet. However, mine is in a much different bottle. Did they recently change them?

  6. Pretty much pisses on Rittenhouse as a mixer. My old-fashioneds have never been more kick ass and at 19.99 a bottle locally for a fifth, Rittenhouse’s 26.99 tag at my local store can eat it. This is my new top buy now.

  7. I tried it. This stuff tastes exactly like someone tried to make whiskey out of lawn clippings. I’ll stick with “Dad’s Hat”, a Pennsylvania rye that I love.

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