Drunken Whiskey Review: Rebel Yell Reserve

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Produced by one one my favorite distilleries (Rebel Yell) Rebel Reserve never lets me down. Its a wheated bourbon, which means that corn is still the main ingredient (like all bourbons) but they use wheat instead of rye as a secondary grain. But who really cares about that shit? Lets get drunk and dive into this Rebel Yell Reserve review.

How to Drink it

You definitely need to drink this guy straight (full stempf: click) or on the rocks. Since its a wheated bourbon, you don’t get as much spice and flavor, making cocktails kinda bland.


Typically I’m not a huge fan of wheated bourbons (of straight wheat whiskies) because they always taste unbalanced. Using wheat instead of rye gives the whiskey a softer flavor so they usually taste either too harsh or too bland. But rebel reserve pulls it off and hits the perfect balance.

Wrap up

Rebel Reserve is awesome and I always have a bottle on hand. While its not the most rich in flavor, its the perfect go-to whiskey that you can drink any/every night. Definitely give this one a try!


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  1. I like this better than the 80 proof rebel yell. This can be drunk on the rocks and be enjoyable in my view.

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