Drunken Whiskey Review: George Dickel Rye

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It’s pretty well-documented that we’re all rye whiskey men here at Whiskey on the House, so we wanted to review a stand-by in our liquor cabinets: George Dickel Rye. Once you stop giggling to yourself about the name Dickel and start to actually take a few sips, you’ll see that this is a great value pick for Rye Whiskey.

How to Drink It

I recommend drinking the Dickel (hehe) on the rocks. Full strength is great too, but for some reason this whiskey just tastes better when it’s chilled. It’s also great for Old Fashioneds. The spiciness of the rye and the corn aftertaste blend extremely well with the fruit involved in an Old Fashioned (orange and cherry usually). Overall it’s a pretty versatile whiskey, I just would not recommend taking shots of the Dickel (hehe again).


Much like many American rye whiskies, the Dickel is spicy and the perfect amount of harsh. You can really taste the alcohol, and most of the rye spiciness comes through in the aftertaste. The corn flavor makes you feel like you’re stacking hay in the depths of Vermont in the summertime, so be prepared for some old fashioned hard labor once you start sipping from the Dickel.

First Words: Yippe Kiaaay Motherfucker!

We strongly recommend George Dickel Rye for anyone who has a taste for the dickel/rye whiskey. It’s a great value pick, packs a ton of spice, and provides you the opportunity to be a rugged, whiskey drinking farm boy.

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