Drunken Whiskey Review: Kirkland Small Batch Bourbon


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So Kirkland Small Batch Bourbon is a pretty niche whiskey. If you’re a Costco fan like myself, you’ve probably seen this seven year small batch bourbon that comes in a Liter for 20 bucks. If you’re wondering whether or not you should give it a shot, it’s a resounding yes. Just some background info, we believe it is from the Jim Beam distillery, so there’s your brand name behind it.  It is 103-proof, so in terms of strength it definitely packs a punch.

How to Drink It

The best way we enjoyed this whiskey was with a cocktail. We made an Old Fashioned and a Manhattan with it, and the strength as well as flavor notes really added nicely to the drinks. Next we’d recommend drinking it full strength or on the rocks, and we can’t really recommend taking shots. Mostly because we feel like the whiskey is too good to be swigging back, but also it’s just a pretty rough shot to take in terms of strength. This whiskey is not for the faint of heart.


Overall the flavor of this whiskey is simply bold. There are tons of flavor notes (see below) that pretty much explode the second it touches your lips. I’d probably compare it to Knob Creek in terms of strength, but more along the lines of Booker’s in terms of actual flavors.


First Words: Kirland, you mothafuckin’ dog!

You definitely get a taste of caramel/toffee in the aftertatste, along with a nice alcohol burn on the way down. And by that I mean it’s a “hurts so good” kinda moment when drinking. In terms of wood notes, you’re definitely not getting a sweet wood barrel taste, but kind of a “cooked wood” taste. No clue if that made any sense whatsoever, but bottom line is it burns, it tastes like vanilla caramel, and smells like raw power. Boom. If you love buying wholesale, buy yourself some Kirkland Small Batch Bourbon.

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