Drunken Whiskey Review: Old Grand Dad Bourbon (80 Proof)


Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 6.46.08 AMOld Grand Dad Bourbon 80 proof was the first bottle of bourbon I ever purchased (legally). I had it on the rocks and I was in-love. For $15 dollars the grand daddy of bourbon opened the whiskey gates to American Whiskey and I will forever be grateful. So this review goes out to you Basil Hayden (the old grand dad).

How to Drink It

This is a definitely not a smooth or light whiskey. I prefer it on the rocks because full strength can be a little harsh. I donʼt recommend taking shots of this stuff unless your throat is still numb from last night ;-). Old Grand Dad is packed with spicy flavor so cocktails are a go.


Old Grand Dad Bourbon is a high rye bourbon so itʼs full of spiciness and flavor. It tastes like a happy medium between Jim Beam white label and Benchmark 8 bourbon. Its a sweeter, more spicy bourbon than JB, but not quite as sweet and flavorful and Benchmark 8. This stuff is a bit on the harsh side, so if you canʼt handle sting, this whiskey is not for you.

First Words: Dear God I wish all grandpaʼs tasted this good

Fun Fact for ya: During Prohibition Old Grand Dad was produced by a pharmaceutical company and was prescribed by doctors as medicine

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